Título: The 4C/ID-model as an instructional design model that fits the need for complex learning
Formador: Jan Elen (Apresentação)
Data: 21/01, 14h30, sala 1.01 dos Blocos Laboratoriais
Número de Horas: 3
Número Limite de Formandos: 24

Material necessário para a Formação:
Descrição de uma das UC's dos participantes (sobre a qual queiram trabalhar)

Resumo da Formação:
The Four components instructional design model counts worldwide as the most solid model for designing learning environments that support the development of competencies. The four components are learning tasks, background information, supportive information and part-task practice. During the workshop the model is introduced and participants can assess the relevance by applying the model to analyze and perhaps redesign their course. Please come in course-teams (2-3 persons) and bring a course description.
Workshop on the 4C/ID-model, participants should bring a course description along, the course should aim at helping students to develop a competency. It would be best that participants are teams (two or three dealing with the same course so that they can discuss, otherwise participants have to exchange ideas over different courses, may take more time). During the workshop they will basically analyze and perhaps partially redesign their course. It would be nice to have 5-8 teams. The room should accommodate small group work. I need also a beamer for the introductions.

Título: Seminar about research-teaching integration :
Formador: Jan Elen (Apresentação)
Data: 22/01, pelas 14h30, sala 1.01 dos Blocos Laboratoriais
Número limite de formandos: 20
Inscrição: https://goo.gl/forms/9oDCRLVpvFaIEnj02

Material necessário: nenhum

Resumo da formação:
The literature reflects ambivalences on the research-teaching nexus. During the seminar these ambivalences can be attributed to the mixed use of two approaches: on the one hand, a functional approach that regards research as a tool in the learning environment in order to develop competencies that are functional for the knowledge society, and, on the other hand, an idealistic approach that regards research as a process of edification and understands academic education as participation in research. The seminar examines these two approaches and discusses the critical issues that have to be taken into account in order to deal with the ambivalences.

Nota: Os workshops serão em língua inglesa.