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 About us

What is the Centre IDEA-UMinho?

The Centre IDEA-UMinho is a structure that emerges to promote and value Innovation and Development of Teaching and Learning at the University of Minho.

It is a structure conceived in the line of centers of excellence and development of teaching and learning, common in international institutions of reference in higher education.

In interaction with the Academy, the Centre IDEA-UMinho seeks to stimulate innovation in teaching and learning practices in its multiple contexts, inside and outside the classroom.

Supporting the teaching staff, the Centre IDEA-UMinho focuses on the valorization of teaching as a key part of the University of Minho's mission.

Centre IDEA-UMinho, for whom?

The Centre IDEA-UMinho is intended for all teachers interested in developing teaching and learning at the University of Minho. As such, it aims to involve the Organic Units and the University's teaching staff in the development of innovative teaching and learning practices.

 The Centre IDEA-UMinho team is multidisciplinary. Such multidisciplinarity mirrors the purpose of the Centre: the interdisciplinary sharing of teaching-learning ideas and practices among teachers, regardless of their area of origin. Thus, all teachers, regardless of their subject area, who employ or intend to implement innovative teaching practices, will find in IDEA-UMinho a centre of sharing, discussion of ideas and dissemination of teaching and learning experiences.

 The Centre IDEA-UMinho has the support of the Teaching Support Office (GAE), namely in disseminating and supporting its activities.