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 Courses/ Training actions


Teaching in Higher Education involves knowledge and competences inherent to face-to-face and distance teaching/ learning processes, which go beyond disciplinary knowledge.

Each year, the Centre IDEA-UMinho promotes a diversified training programme in two periods – the end and the beginning of the academic year - starting in July 2017.​

IDEA Training focuses on cross-disciplinary aspects of teaching in higher education, covering a great variety of themes and competences, from the concepts and practices of good teaching and assessment to more specific aspects like leadership in teaching contexts, use of voice in class, or programme management. Practical sessions are also offered to allow participants to develop approaches and resources to be used in particular teaching contexts.

The Centre IDEA-UMinho seeks to respond to all teachers' challenges regardless of their disciplinary field. Training programmes are designed with the participation of the academy. Schools/ Institutes will be invited to contribute by proposing themes or coordinating training sessions.

Participation is open to all colleagues involved in teaching at the University of Minho and may also be open to colleagues from other universities. Participants will get a certificate.

Training courses/ actions will be disseminated to the academy. Programmes and registration procedures will be announced on this webpage.  ​

Participate in IDEA Training and send your ideas and programme proposals to