IUADigEd WebinarHumanising Learning Design with Digital Pragmatism

The #IUADigEd Community webinars will re-commence on Monday 26 September, and we are delighted to welcome back Kate Molloy and Clare Thomson to lead the conversation.
We look forward to sharing experience and expertise with you, on diverse topics related to supporting the development of staff/student digital skills in Irish higher education.

You are invited to join the next #IUADigEd webinar.
Topic: Humanising Learning Design with Digital Pragmatism
Time: Monday, September 26, 2022 12:30 PM Dublin

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Led by: Kate Molloy and Clare Thomson

When attending conferences and events, participants are afforded the space, time, and freedom to discuss, reflect, and grapple with critical digital pedagogy. We critically reflect on power structures, surveillance technology, inclusivity, privilege, accessibility, agency, and much more in these safe spaces. But then, we return to our institutions and our day jobs. We return to existing power structures. We return with our senses critically heightened and brimming with ideas, but how can we reconcile our pedagogy with institutional practice?

Often, there is a stark contrast between our personal philosophy and the requirements we face in our roles, and frequently, our own agency is challenged. The pandemic has affected everyone, and good mental health is under huge strain for staff and students and self-care is pushed down the list. In these cases, can we take a pragmatic yet caring approach? Can we affect change in small, manageable, and critical ways? Can we care for ourselves as well as care for our students?

In this session, participants will collectively curate practical solutions based on the direction of the conversation. This session is based on our upcoming chapter for the HE for Good book. It will advocate for a pragmatic approach to educational technology at the micro, meso and macro level, drawing on the six elements of adrienne marie brown’s Emergent Strategy.